Corner Block House Design Inspiration

Cornering the look with your corner block house design
There is plenty to love about having a corner block. When it comes to achieving your ultimate street scape, the corner block gives you double the curbside appeal, as well as additional light and an extra feeling of spaciousness and outlook.

Having that corner block also means there are a number of things to consider in order to maximise the look and feel of the house on the block. Plantation Homes shares their insights on the ultimate corner block set up, creating a home that your family will adore.

Double the façade
The corner block home has both a front (primary) façade and the side façade with attention being given to both. The balance of windows, external material choices as well as consistency of landscaping and palette choices all need to be considered.

To decide which façade is your primary façade, you also need to consider the slope of the block, foot traffic and the design of the house. Your local council/covenant will also have regulations and guidelines that you and your builder need to follow.

Council/covenant regulations will also dictate the position of the house on a corner block including setbacks and street-facing boundaries which is part of the pre-construction phase.


Decisions, decisions
Once the correct position of the house has been locked in, there are a suite of other considerations which need to be made so you maximise the look and feel of the corner block. From garage and driveway location, front door and pathway location, all the fencing solutions, as well as possible access points to side streets.

Take in the views
The beauty of the corner block is that you also have access to double the vistas which means more natural light and amplified views. Make sure your house design allows for more opportunities for you to soak all the views, without compromising on privacy.

Love your landscaping
With double the frontage, comes double the landscaping. You still want to maintain a level of privacy and security, especially with the secondary frontage which may be exposed to street lighting and more walking traffic.
Consider a hedge along the entire side street as this screens the house from passers by and traffic. It is also great in blocking light and noise. A stunning tree strategically located at the corner of your side and front corner creates a perfect connection and a focal point to the corner block.

Plantation’s very own corner block heaven
You can check out The Majestic 39 by Plantation Homes, beautifully located on a corner block at Bridgeman Downs.