Your building process

As an award-winning builder, we pride ourselves on providing a positive experience, from design inspiration and aspiration, to accountable service and high quality construction and delivery.

Given our extensive experience building new homes, we are here for you each and every step of the way, with market knowledge, industry experience and supplier connections. To make the process more enjoyable, it helps to understand the various stages involved in a new home build.

Stage 1 - Sales and Pre-contract Phase

Personalised meeting and quotation

Take the opportunity to discuss one-on-one with a Plantation Homes New Home Consultant, where you can review designs and chat through the options available. This will help us to prepare and present your personalised New Home Quotation.

Finance options

You can choose to review the offering from Waterstone Finance, with the option to complete a simple finance qualification process at our Springwood head office.

Secure your quote

A non- refundable deposit is required to secure the current listed base house price and promotional offer (if applicable).

If your land is registered your New Home Consultant will now order the initial soil test, contour survey and site inspection to assess the site, access to services and any possible building limitations. (Please note that your deposit is now no longer refundable however we will supply you with a copy of the Soil and Survey Reports.)

Your New Home Order paperwork will now be passed onto our team at our Springwood Head Office.

Once we review the Soil / Survey / Site report findings as well as the results of relevant Council searches here at head office, we will move forward with preparations for your New Home Proposal Appointment.

Book it in

Let the excitement start building at your Cosham Studios Information Session, where you will discover how your Home Selection Appointment and process works. These sessions are held at Cosham Studios, located at our head office with our team of Interior Design Stylists. Email to book in for a Cosham Studios Information Session.

Stage 2 - Tender and Contract

New Home Proposal Appointment

Your next appointment is your New Home Proposal Appointment where we will present you with your Authorised Tender including the costs for your selected façade, floor plan options and allowances along with the siting of your new home. This is where you will do a final review and acceptance of your personalised quotation.

This is where all of your planning and information, quote and payments come together in one place for review and final sign off.

It will look like a complete house on paper, covering façade, variations, colour selections, preliminary site costs, site plan and floorplan (as applicable). There are no further changes permitted after the tender is signed.

Appointments are available Monday – Friday, taking approximately 4 hours for a single storey and a full day for double storey homes.

A progress payment

Once your Authorised Tender is signed, it is here that your second non-refundable deposit of $1,500 is now due, bringing the total deposit paid to $3,000. We will then proceed with ordering your full working drawings.

If you are building in an Estate, your new home may have to meet covenant requirements. Please review your covenant guidelines and requirements prior to your appointments at our Springwood head office. If you are required to complete a landscape plan, your Administrator will forward your siting to you to complete.

Once your full working drawings have been received and reviewed, we will begin to prepare for your Contract appointment.


Please bring the following documentation with you to your Contract Appointment:

     - Land Ownership Evidence (rates notice)

     - Finance Approval documents and lenders details

     - $1,500 Payment (cash/card/cheque)

     - HSTP Design / Relaxation Forms / Zero Lot Access Letter (if applicable)

During your Contract appointment we will present your Contract Drawings, HIA Building Contract and the additional contract documents for your approval.

Once your contract is signed, all of the relevant documentation will be submitted to your Bank / Broker to initiate your formal finance approval (if required)

Stage 3 - Colour your vision

Home Styling Appointment

Whether you know exactly what you want for your interior style or are yet to discover it, you’ll have everything at your fingertips at your Home Styling Appointment at Cosham Studios, located at our Springwood Head Office. Open between 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday, as well as Saturdays between 11:00am and 2:00pm, you’ll be able to book an appointment with a professional Interior Design Stylist to assist you during the entire appointment.

Allow approximately 3-4 hours for single storey homes and approximately 6 hours for double storey homes.

You will also attend an electrical appointment with Your Home Consulting to confirm your electrical plan, with an opportunity to add lights, light fittings, security systems, intercoms, fibre optic wiring and connectivity, data points, home theatre sound systems and more.

Stage 4 - Council Process

Covenant approval

Your Covenant Application will now be lodged with your developer for approval. If covenant approval is required before Council lodgement, we must wait for this approval to proceed to the next step. Please Note: Covenant approval can take from 1-4 weeks depending on the developer.


The Full Council Lodgement will be sent to our Private Certifiers within 1-2 weeks of the contract signing (if we have all required information) and upon receipt of your 5% payment (if self-funding).

Once lodged, the Full Building Approval can take approximately 4-8 weeks to be approved. This timeframe depends on a variety of factors including the Council regulations in your area and the complexity of the submission.

Post Contract Variations

While the Council Approval process is under way, our Estimating Department will work on your Post Contract Variation. This document will include all colour upgrades you selected at your Colour Selection appointment and any additional requirements you nominated at your Contract Appointment. This process takes approximately 3 weeks from the date you sign off on your Colour Selection. However, please appreciate this timeframe can fluctuate depending on supplier quotes and responses, as well as the nature of your requests.

When you receive your Post Contract Variation please check through it carefully and if you have any questions or changes, please advise your Administrator.

Once the Post Contract Variation is complete and correct, please sign and return a copy to us. Signing the document confirms your acceptance of the variations to the Contract.

When we receive the signed Post Contract Variation, a quality check will be completed by our Cosham Studios team. This ensures that all of our paperwork aligns.

Final Drawings

From here, our Drafting team will complete the Final Drawings which incorporate all of the details of your Authorised Tender, Post Contract Variation/s and Colour Selection. This process takes approximately 2 weeks.

The completed Final Drawings will then be emailed to you for a thorough review and your final approval. Once again, signing these documents confirms your acceptance of these plans, which will be used for the construction of your new home.

Your Home Consulting will send through your finalised electrical plan and relevant costs from which we will create the Electrical Variation. This will be sent to you for approval.

If retaining by owner has been nominated on your site plan, please contact your Customer Service Administrator prior to commencing the installation of your retaining wall.

Stage 5 - All ready for site activity

This is where all the plans and paperwork come together so the onsite team can create the vision.

Authority to Commence Construction

Once we receive the Full Building Approval, we will email your bank/broker all of the Council Approved documents with our Insurances so they can provide the written Authority to Commence Construction Letter and also pay the balance of 5% (if this is not already received by this time).

After we have received the Authority to Commence Construction (or current bank statement covering the cost of the build if you are Self-Funding) and the full 5% deposit, we will then commence the allocation of Labour and Materials for your home. 

The allocation process takes approximately 2 weeks and involves the final check of the plans, variations and colours and finalises any variances found. You will also receive a copy of your final Colour Selection during this process which you will need to review carefully, then sign and return. 

When all of the above is completed the final step is to hand you over to our Construction team who will then begin to organise the commencement of works on site.

Summary of progress payments

We require progress payments as per the standard HIA recommended payment schedule. These are outlined in your HIA contract paperwork.

Stage 6 - Construction

Now is the time for Plantation Homes’ Construction team to take the lead, and you will start to see your new home come to live onsite.

The next section will define the main stages of construction for you and outline some of the things that may take place during each stage.

Base Stage

Your block of land will be prepped and ready to build on, with temporary fencing installed, site excavation and underground connections laid. Base stage is complete once the concrete slab is poured.

Frame Stage

This is when your dream home really starts to come to life. All walls are marked out in accordance with your final drawings and construction of wall, window and door frames along with roof trusses begin. Frame stage is complete once the frame is completed, inspected and approved by a qualified Building Survey.

Lock Up Stage

This is a significant milestone as this is when we’re able to effectively ‘lock up’ your home. Brickwork, wall cladding, roofing and insulation are all installed. Temporary external doors may be hung and fixed into position in order to ensure the security of your site.

Fixing Stage

This is where we begin fixing everything into position. We will complete all internal plaster, architraves, skirts and cabinets and cupboards.

Fit Off Stage

The focus shifts to the inside of your home during this stage, and you will see your colour selections come to life. Whilst we paint your home, we will install tiles, benchtops, shower screens, mirrors and door furniture. We will also fit off all plumbing and electrical connections.

Practical Completion Inspection (PCI Stage)

Your Construction Administrator will book in your New Home Presentation two weeks ahead of the completion of your home. On this day, you will meet with a Plantation Homes Representative who will present your new home to you demonstrating its features and functions. At the time of your New Home Presentation, you will be able to settle on site and receive your keys if you have your final payment ready.

Congratulations! Your brand new Plantation Homes house is complete and ready for you to move in!

Stage 7 - Home Assurance

Now you're in your brand new home, it's time to commence with the industry's leading aftercare program.

Maintenance Period

Once you have taken possession of your new home, your builder is obliged under Section 39 of the Plain English Building Contract to perform routine maintenance and carry out any adjustments caused from settlement. Plantation Homes adhere to the maintenance period of twelve months from the Settlement Date of your home.

A team member form our professional team will contact you at approximately eleven months after Settlement to book in a suitable time to visit your home.

Should you wish to have your maintenance inspection brought forward, please contact our team by email or phone.

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