Completed Homes For Sale

Why a Completed Home

Completed homes are either ready to move into now or within 3 – 6 months from when you purchase your new home.

You get all the joy of buying an established home, which doesn’t require all the design, fitting and fixture decisions, but being from our new properties portfolio, it’s never been lived in – so everything is brand new – just for you!




Ready built homes are either newly built or ready to move into 3 – 6 months from when you’re buying them, which is great for if you need to wrap up your current living arrangements and give rental notice to vacate.

Your location and floorplan choices are nearly limitless when it comes to new home sales, so Ready Built options can help refine your search and save you time while still offering a newly built home.

Our Ready Built homes include traditional new houses for sale, as well as terrace house plans and townhomes for sale, so there really is something for everyone, and every budget!

To find out what Ready Built options are available in your preferred suburb or community, please use our website or visit a Ready Built display centre near you today and say hello to a new Plantation home!

Plantation Homes

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Map pins are approximate and represent the estate location and not the individual lot location.