3 Sustainable Design Tips for a Healthy Home

Plantation Homes’ healthy home tips and tricks

Your family home is your haven – the ultimate sanctuary to return to after a busy day and a place to unwind and relax over the weekend.  

To create the ultimate happy and healthy home, Plantation Design Studio Manager, Di Gaffney, shares her tips and tricks to help amplify the wellness of all family members by prioritising healthy and sustainable home habits.

3 Sustainable House Ideas 

Maximise air quality and ventilation

Simple acts like cranking open windows in your home have a big impact, as you are encouraging good air circulation and getting rid of built up airborne pollutants.

“For soft furnishings, consider using natural fibres such as wool and cotton, avoiding those that have been chemically treated with pesticides.  Use your exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen to minimise moisture and mould development.  Also consider removing carpets or to regularly deep cleaning carpet to get rid of nasty bacteria.”  Di adds.

Go green with plants

Plants provide a wonderful sense of calmness and brightness to your home and they are a perfect decorating feature to personalise any room.  The humble plant can also remove volatile compounds from the air including ozone and carbon dioxide.

“From the Swiss Cheese Plant, the rubber plant to the Maidenhair Fern to the Peace Lily which NASA featured it in its list of best air purifying options, plants can help filter the room, and at the same time, create a lovely ambience to any space.” Di says.

Think solar panels and double-glazing

Installing solar panels and having double glazing on windows are just two of the ways that you can reduce your electricity bills and also reduce your carbon footprint.

Di says, “Double glazing adds thermal resistance, with its added layer of insulation, and reduces the amount of heat escaping outside and maintains a more constant temperature inside.” 

“As a valuable renewable source of energy, solar power reduces the carbon footprint and you can enjoy cheaper electricity.”  

What are your healthy home habits?