Framing it up with timber

Frame up with timber
One of the most common questions we are being asked lately is: “why do we build with timber?” So we’re going to step you through all of our timber considerations!

Trusted timber!
There’s plenty of good reasons why we use timber, one of which is that around 80 per cent1 of all Australian homes are built with timber! That in itself is a glowing review of timber!

Trusting timber
Lightweight, versatile and practical, timber frames are the most popular frame of choice. Installed with ease and simple to maintain, timber framing is also energy efficient and as a natural product, it retains CO2, and leaves a small carbon footprint.

Yes – by building your new home with timber, you are helping the environment, one wall at a time! Using a timber frame for your new home is equivalent to taking the carbon of three petrol cars off the road for a whole year, as it absorbs and locks in carbon when it’s growing - and removes it completely from the atmosphere, organically and naturally!

Timber doesn’t mean termites
While termites do exist in South East Queensland, termites and mould can be avoided with timber frames if the home is constructed properly.

We use a physical perimeter barrier to ensure termites steer clear and while termites are often a concern for new homeowners, timber products can be treated as safely and effectively as common headlice on kids, with the same types of active ingredient.

Termites are not just attracted to timber, they’ll eat anything fibre or paper based, so keeping them away means adding protection to your whole home, which is why the physical barrier protection we use is so effective!

Which timber is used?
We use pine for our frames, trusses and laminated veneer timbers for our floor-joists and lintels which, according to Rodney Gibbs – Queensland Building Manager, comes from renewable plantation resources.

“It is manufactured to a specific size and strength and is kiln dried to offer a stable, consistent and workable product for the homes we build.

“Renewable plantation resources are purpose grown on a major scale to provide structural timber, and trees are constantly being replaced as they are used, hence renewable and very environmentally friendly.”

How does timber compare pricewise?
There are a number of factors to consider so make sure you feel confident and informed by asking your builder to explain the choices, do your research and ask questions!

While a timber frame is not a visible part of the home, it can have a significant impact on affordability and sustainability, which is why we continue to use it as the material of choice for new homes!

Proven and preferred
We work with many plantation pine producers including AKD, Associated Kiln Driers, who are 100% Australian owned and operated and known in the industry for their high quality production.

“Timber framing has been the proven and preferred structural solution for Aussie homes for decades and is the silent strength of what holds up your home,” said AKD’s Marketing Manager, Christine Briggs.

“Now and increasingly into our future, it’s also an opportunity for all homeowners to understand that having a timber-framed home is a powerful way of helping to mitigate climate change, from the cycle of harvesting and replanting trees to the positive carbon storage benefits that every timber frame provides.”