The Mainvue Collection

A new era in home design

Why build a 6-star home when we can build you a 7-star luxury home without the high build costs you may’ve read about in the news.

We’ve combined the art of beautiful home design with the science of value engineering to create The Mainvue Collection.

Our designers have included all the must have, most popular design elements and inclusions, and with the latest architectural technology and decades of industry experience have identified build cost savings. The result is a new range of 7-star energy efficient homes with the renowned Plantation Homes quality workmanship at prices your bank will love.

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How did we do it?

We’ve debunked the build cost myth of 7-star energy efficiency by collaborating with leading suppliers and trusted trades. Our designers have left no stone unturned to bring you the most energy efficient house designs, at the best value price.

Continual investment into R&D

Backed by our $7 billion parent company

✓ Collaboration with structural engineers, trades and suppliers

✓ The latest in design planning

✓ Upfront pricing

Talk to the 7-star energy experts

Meet Mark Hampshire. Mark AKA Hamps is the chief pilot of our 7-star energy efficient homes.

Hamps is also the brains behind our exclusive energy rating calculator. This innovative tool calculates provisional energy performances from your specific lot, taking into account the orientation, house design and façade you’ve chosen, including the location of your garage (right or left side).

It means we can provide absolute certainty on the price when it comes to your home achieving 7-star compliance. Unlike some other builders, you won’t find ambiguous or approximate sums in our quotes, which can later translate to expensive upgrades once you’ve already committed to them.

House designs

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House designs


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