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While keeping up with the family’s dirty laundry may not be the most exciting job in the household, the laundry room does not have to be dreary or drab. While being compact in size, it should pack a big punch in the style stakes.

The laundry can be beautiful, highly functional and still be able to meet the heavy demands of a busy household.

Jeff Bugeja, Plantation Homes National Design Manager and his team, design Plantation Homes' laundries with style, useability and functionality at front of mind.

“We also want to create laundries with the three ‘S’s’ in mind – they need to be smart, stunning and have plenty of storage.”

Store it

A laundry must have storage and loads of it. If you break down all the items which are put in a laundry, you will then know the amount you need when you set up your laundry.

“From detergents, linen, ironing boards, mops and brooms to Christmas decorations and unused boogie boards, the laundry tends to be the storage haven you need for the most used and neglected items.” Jeff adds.

Overhead cabinets are perfect to store all your cleaning products and cleaners that need to be out of reach from children. Open shelving can enhance the design and is perfect for baskets or frequently used items, so they are easily accessible.

Jeff has a saying, ‘Everything in its place and a place for everything’ and that is spot on when it comes to laundry design.


Personal touches

Jeff says, “A touch of greenery goes a long way in a laundry.  From a funky hanging basket to a trifecta of succulents, indoor plants adds some much-needed freshness to an already light and stark space.”

Air dryers are also a chic add-on giving the laundry another functionality hit, while also saving energy and money on electrical clothes drying. An extended benchtop makes sorting, folding and stacking clothes a breeze.

Not to mention a top-notch washing machine and dryer.  There are a number of striking washer and dryers which adds more star power to your laundry.”

Get camped with colour

While many laundries tend to be white, a touch of light greys with a hint of natural trims and classic hues, adds some contrast and depth to the space.

“Consider black or copper tapware or tiles for a WOW factor, with a sassy laundry trough and sleek bench top.  Contrasting Moroccan or Positano tiles finish the look.

What do you love about your laundry?

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